Gentlemen’s Corner: Robbie Jones Talks ‘Temptation’ and Confesses Celebrity Crush

We’ve all been tempted in our lifetime, and Tyler Perry used one of life’s biggest temptations (ahem, sex) and turned it into his newest silver screen feature Temptation: Confessions of a Marriage Counselor.

Playing Harley in the film, actor Robbie Jones is a familiar character–that bad habit that appears right when a current, once-healthy relationship is cracking. His villainous role is charming, becomes an escape to Jurnee Smollett-Bells’ Judith whose not-so happy marriage leaves her wanting a whirlwind of passion. The life lesson here? All that glitters ain’t gold.

This movie is set to entertain as well as teach, opening up the discussion of infidelity, trust, communication and intimacy in everyone’s relationship. But before you go and check out the film today (Mar. 29), Vixen caught with Jones as he dishes on playing of this seductive role, his celebrity crush and what’s he absolutely afraid of. — Sharifa Daniels