Gentlemen’s Corner: Robbie Jones Talks ‘Temptation’ and Confesses Celebrity Crush

Robbie Jones

VIBE Vixen: How does this movie compare to any previous Tyler perry movies?
Robbie Jones: It’s his most powerful movie to date, and judging from the peoples’ response at the premiere, it is going to be that. It’s just very distinct in the fact that it has a much younger cast than he’s ever had before and such a really strong message to young people throughout the film. Hopefully that will distinguish it from his other films.

How are you and your character Harley similar?
We’re both 6’3,” straight teeth and like to dress nice [Laughs]. But seriously, there’s not a whole lot I have in common with this guy. I tried to identify basic needs of anybody. Everybody has the need to be loved, and everybody has the need to feel important and feel respected. Some people just go about obtaining those in very destructive ways, and that pretty much sums of Harley. He doesn’t necessarily handle his basic needs like everyone else does. I think the key for me was to find some commonality, and that was basically it.

What do you think encourages temptation in a relationship?
Lack communication is huge. When people aren’t talking and aren’t communicating their wants and desires to their partner, it just leaves a lot of room for bottled up feelings and emotions. They have ways of coming out in the most inopportune moments. People express their unhappiness and dissatisfaction in ways they might not have even known was possible.

If I’m in a relationship, we’re not going to sleep upset at each other. I don’t need to be upset, and I don’t need you to be upset. We’re better than that. I like to communicate it and talk it out, whether it’s a 15-minute conversation or three-hour conversation. We might agree to disagree, but we’re going to communicate until we’re blue in the face.

What attributes of a lady do you find most appealing?
Sense of humor. A woman that doesn’t take herself too seriously, who can laugh at herself. She can slip and fall and think it’s funny and not that the world is ending. Education is [also] key. I love to have great conversations with people, and if they’re very intelligent, smart, well-traveled and know some things about life, [they are] a lot more appealing. A wonderful smile is always attractive and not too cute to sweat. That’s always attractive.

Photo Credit: Alison Buck/WireImage