Gentlemen’s Corner: Robbie Jones Talks ‘Temptation’ and Confesses Celebrity Crush

Robbie JonesVV: Confess something weird about yourself?
RJ: I watch The Cosby Show all the time. I have all the episodes, and whenever I’m not working, everybody knows it’s on.

Confess your celebrity crush?
That’s easy. Halle Berry.

Confess something your afraid of?
I don’t do well with heights. You won’t catch me too close to the edge of a tall building. [If it’s] enclosed, its all good, but if there’s the chance I might fall, no. I did zip-lining before, and I was pretty much scared the whole time.

Do you want to get married? If so, what’s your dream wedding?
Yes, of course. Something not too huge or too expensive. People spend so much money on their wedding day and sometimes their marriages don’t work out, then you wasted 150 grand on one day.  I feel like you can do a lot more positive with that money then invest it in one day of your life. You can invest it in 10 years of your life.

I would like to have it with family and friends, then have a nice little reception with really, really, really good food, a little DJ action–cut a rug, dance with the homies. If it’s love, it’s love, and we’re going to be in love forever.

Whose marriage do you admire?
My aunt and uncle. [They] have 5 kids and have been married forever. Their co-pastors at a church, and I’ve always looked at their relationship and thought that it must be great to have somebody that completes you.

If you were a counselor of anything, what would it be?
I somehow have been elected by my friends as the relationship counselor person. People kind of listen to me and take my advice which is based on logic, my experience and my mom. She was a counselor for 20-plus years, and she would always deal with me as a mom, then she would take off her mom hat and put on her counselor hat and just listen to me and deal with me as a person. I try to do that with other people.

What’s the worst advice someone ever gave you?
The worst advice someone ever gave me was to go get you a Bentley. Just because I can afford a Bentley doesn’t mean I want one. The thing about me is I’m very simple. I have my Prius, and it’s awesome.

What’s up next for you?
I just finished 90210. Those episodes already started airing, and they will start back up in April. It’s all about this film right now. You probably will hate me [in the movie], but you’re going to like this movie. It speaks to a lot of different things in a relationship–being unappreciated, what kind of behaviors that can lead to, making the right choices, making the wrong choices. One moment can change your whole life. It’s deep, and I think you’ll enjoy it.

Photo Credit: Chris McKay/WireImage