From A To Z: 26 Style Rules For Spring

VIBE presents a style glossary for a more handsome, prettier, sexier, well dressed, healthier you

A- Accessorize Artfully
The perfect piece(s) can swing your profile from good look to masterpiece. Wrong, random or too much accentuation can turn your Rembrandt into an oil mess. Paint wisely.

B- Black Tie Remixed
In these liberal fashion times, today’s Black Tie code can now be bent (never broken). Not into bow ties? Try a skinny tie. Bored with jet black? Add some paisley to that jacket. Play within the parameters and you’ll bring home the gold.

C- Cocktail sophistication
Choose your spirit with as much discernment as you would a pocket square. There’s appropriate (armagnac post red wine, salmon dinner) and inappropriate (Long Island Iced Teas at the CEO’s power lunch).

D- Disobey the Rule… Sometimes
As with any worthy gamble, the odds of being fashionably disobedient and successful are slim with the payoff mammoth. This is a master’s game; the unimaginative should only spectate.

E- Etiquette
True owners score the correct move in any setting. Instead of diving into a glass of Pinot, they first twirl the stem to release their sip’s full potential; their theater ETA isn’t CPT; when visiting museums, their fingerprints remain home. It’s deeper than salad forks.