Google Introduces Talking Shoe at SXSW

Forget about shoes that light up, help you jump higher or come equipped with built-in roller skates. The footwear of the future is here.

Google unveiled a talking shoe at the Google Playground, the tech company’s SXSW event space, on Saturday (March 9). According to the Washington Post, the shoe commands “Go! Go! Go!” when you run faster, or says things like “I love the feeling of wind in my laces” when you pick up the pace. This talking shoe also reportedly tracks your distance and provides feedback on your running mechanics.

“This is not a consumer product, it’s an experiment,” Arman Govil, Google’s head of Advertising Arts told the Post. “Our goal is to show possibilities.”

The innovative product’s possibilities are endless but could be groundbreaking in various athletic fields. Nike is the leading sports footwear brand and has consistently improved a multitude of performance facets. The Nike + already allows you to track your distance and performance, while linked to your iPod, but they have yet to showcase a sneaker like this.

The Google shoes are the latest apparel design from the popular search engine company, who has been testing a set of hi-tech glasses to be released in the future. For now, there is no timeline set for when either product will reach shelves.