Harlem Shake On A Plane May Be Illegal

We all know airplanes can experience a bit of turbulence from time to time but a Frontier flight from Denver to San Diego experienced a shake, The Harlem Shake that is. Colorado College students who were on their way to a Frisbee match decided to make their own version of the new dance rave at 30,000 feet. The students thought the video was a good idea and it went viral once it was released but not everyone is amused about what took place aboard the flight. The FAA is not thrilled about the filming during the flight and is conducting an investigation to see whether all safety measures were performed during the flight. Former Pilot, Jim Tilmon said during the video that, “Is it fun maybe, is it cute maybe, is it good judgement, no!” Now that Colorado College students and others have literally set the bar high, we at vibe are wondering were else we’ll see people doing the Harlem Shake. We’ve already pegged these Top 20 Harlem Shake videos, but how many more are there? And will this dance phenomena soon be outlawed?