How to Wear Comfortable Heels

Sporting skyscraper heels? No need to take baby steps. Kill those shoeicidal thoughts by learning your comfort level.  —Jessica C. Andrews

Super Comfortable | Chunky
Toe-throbbing footwear can have you doing the wobble all night. Instead of flying to the floor mid-twerk, stand your ground in chunky heels. The thickness helps stabilize your hoofs by distributing weight more evenly.

Comfortable | Platform
Platforms give you podium-height while providing ample support for your soles. The surface area works like a built-in cushion to relieve pressure off the balls of your feet and ease strain on your arch. You’ll appear longer and leaner, minus the lemon faces.

Slightly Uncomfortable | Wedges
Wondering how Lady Gaga walks tall without kissing asphalt? These secure sandals offer a better foundation, which makes it easier to balance. While there’s no needle-thin heel wrecking your catwalk, the height can still put a burden on those golden arches.

Photo Credit: Matt Doyle

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