Jonathan Cheban Talks New Sushi Mikasa Venture

Known for his on-screen Kardashian cameos, Kim K’s best bud Jonathan Cheban is now set on growing his foodie empire. The restaurateur drops a pitch for his newly opened sushi spot

Sushi Mikasa at the Shelborne Hotel
1801 Collins Ave. | Miami Beach

VIBE: How did the idea for Sushi Mikasa come about?

Jonathan Cheban: I’m a big foodie. I’ve been into food my whole life. My whole day revolves around food. It just so happened that I was going to be in Miami at the same time we were filming for Kim and Kourtney Take Miami, so it worked out for me, and I was able to bring this concept [to Miami], which I saw in New York. I’m a big sushi person. In New York, there are few incredible sushi [restaurants] that have that special high-grade, designer sushi. The chef came from Sushi Sake, which is one of the top five sushi restaurants. He opened up a place in Brooklyn that I went to and I fell in love with it. I said, “There’s nothing like that in Miami.”

What’s different about the sushi at Mikasa?

They don’t have this quality of fish in Miami—glutton tuna, cake salmon—it’s the highest quality of fish you can get. It’s very special and completely different from the California rolls and that kind of generic sushi that most other restaurants have. Each piece is like an entrée. It comes with a sauce for people to savor every bite. We have a separate chef making amazing appetizers and entrées. Obviously, it’s a celebrity spot because we keep everything very private. I know how I want to be treated in restaurants and how good restaurants know how to keep your privacy.

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Is the sushi homegrown?

Some of the fish, they don’t even have in Miami. It comes from Japan to New York and is sent right to us that same day. Most people here use big eye tuna and regular salmon. People in Miami will really be experiencing something new, and people from New York that already know this are very excited. The lounge part will be open late. It’s not for people to just come and have drinks. It’s all about the food.

What’s next for you?
I’m going to start doing other food ventures, but this is my main one right now. My next venture is fast food. I’m going to be opening a burger franchise called Burger Bandit.