Justin Timberlake Talks Drug Use at Coachella

Chart-topping crooner Justin Timberlake recently opened up about a different type of “20/20 experience” he endured while at the Coachella Music and Arts Festival, held annually in Palm Springs, California in April.

After his secret SXSW show two weeks ago, where the 32-year-old continually joked about being under the influence and “turnt up” throughout his set, Timberlake told Myspace that he had consumed illegal substances at the California festival in the past.

“I’ve been to Coachella many times, on many different, um, substances,” the distinguished “Suit & Tie” singer said in the interview with his partially owned social networking site. “I’ve been to Coachella many times but not remembered a lot of it, I’ll leave it at that. Like, I stood in an open field and one year I saw Nine Inch Nails and the next year I saw Weezer and I was standing in the middle of the field, you know, like tripping my mind out.”

In an interview with Playboy Magazine in 2011, JT admitted to having smoked pot to get himself to stop thinking. “Sometimes I have a brain that needs to be turned off,” he explained. “Some people are just better high.”

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