Kanye West To Release ‘I Am A God’ Song?

Kanye West may be on the verge of another media firestorm On a rumored upcoming single the rapper proclaims “I Am A God” as the title. Initial reports suggested that his upcoming album would be titled “I Am God” but the HuffPost claims a source in Ye’s camp confirmed that is 100% not true. “We would never be so presumptuous or sacrilegious to call ourselves the supreme being”, the source told HuffPost Entertainment. Kanye West collaborator Malik Yusef tweeted that the track is a reference to Bible scripture Psalm 82, which reads: I said, “You are gods, And all of you are children of the Most High. But you shall die like men, And fall like one of the princes.”

You can expect Mr. West’s upcoming album to be an automatic conversation starter.