Kevin McCall Talks Working With Marilyn Manson, Meeting Him Through Gucci Mane

Grammy-nominated singer/songwriter Kevin McCall has a résumé more defined than his six-pack.

The Los Angeles native, most known for his work with Chris Brown on singles such as “Deuces” and “Ain’t Thinkin’ About You,” says he and Breezy are two separate entities musically.

“People think I write all of Chris Brown’s music or he writes all of mine, it’s not like that,” McCall told VIBE. “We’re both creative in our own rights and we’re also brothers so we still hang out work in the studio. There’s a lot of unreleased songs people ain’t got.”

Those expecting a release date for the tracks will hear it eventually. “They’re definitely coming out, even if I gotta leak ‘em myself,” he assures with a smile.

He’s also hoping to collaborate with up-and-comer Sevyn Streeter on her first official album. “I better be on her debut. Matter fact, Sevyn, if I’m not on your debut, you gon’ get it,” he says to the former TG4 and RichGirl girl groups. “She was there the first time when I did a song with Chris. We’ve been on this journey together.”

And if any guy was interested in her romantically? “Fellas, I think she is single but be careful because she is my sister. I don’t play.”

The most surprising bullet point in his musical arsenal, though, goes to a legendary rock musician.

“I’ve been doing a lot of work for Marilyn Manson,” says K-Mac. “I’ve been trying to venture out into that crowd. It’s real different. He’s such a visual genius. He’s gonna direct a couple of videos for me.”

McCall even revealed their odd mutual connect. “I actually met him through Gucci Mane, which is weird and Gucci Mane is my big bro,” he said. “We do a lot of work together, so it’s so funny to meet such a rock icon through a trap dude. It just shows you the power of music. It could really unite people.”