Kid Accidentally Spends $2,550 On iPad App In 10 Minutes

Ask any kid or adult — the iPad is the ultimate toy. But parents of one child in Bristol, England, got sticker shock after their 5-year-old son racked up $2,550 worth of in-app purchases on their iPad. And it only took him 10 minutes.

After dad, Greg Kitchen, allowed his son Danny to download a game on iTunes, that one purchase snowballed into a final tab of $2,550. Danny copped a bunch of add-ons within the app, leading to an eye-bulging iTunes invoice for his parents the following day.

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“His brothers and sisters were telling him off, but of course he didn’t know what he did. He’s only five,” Greg told BBC News.

Luckily, the parents are getting a full refund courtesy of Apple. And they’ll probably keep a closer eye on Danny next time.