Kim Kardashian Reveals Pregnancy Weight Gain [Video]

Kim Kardashian has been a hot topic ever since she announced her pregnancy. Rumors have been circulating that Kim gained tons of weight, but she recently told Extra’s Maria Menounos a different tale. “There are maybe two or three covers just this week that say I am 200 pounds,” she said. “I’m like, ‘You are 60 pounds off here’… It wouldn’t even bother me if I gained all the weight. And I have the biggest sweet tooth and I love junk food. Being pregnant I don’t like any of it.”

Kim also discussed how she’s taking it easy these days and letting pregnancy rule her life instead of her hectic workload. “I kind of split up my days. I’ll do half a day of work and then I’ll do half day of really just resting and taking care of myself, but I haven’t been tired at all.”

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Photo Credit: Instagram