Porsha Stewart Tells Her Side Of Divorce Drama

File this under: Worst ways to find out you’re getting a divorce. In a statement released yesterday (Mar. 26), new Real Housewives of Atlanta castmember Porsha said she found out from the Internet that her husband Kordell Stewart had filed divorce papers. After reports surfaced that the ex-NFL player hit up the courts on Mar. 22, Porsha confirmed the divorce proceedings via her reps. The statement reads: “Mrs. Stewart is disappointed about her husband’s recent filing for divorce. Mrs. Stewart had held off on filing for a divorce herself and remained committed to the marriage because Mr. Stewart promised to work on the marriage with her. Instead, he misled her and she found out about the filing in the media. Mrs. Stewart hopes to resolve these personal issues privately with the support of her family, friends and strong faith.” Bad Romance: 13 Toxic Celebrity Romances A source close to Porsha claims she was “completely blindsided” by the news, though the couple had been having marital troubles. “Her whole identity is about being a happy, obedient wife,” said the friend. “The other women criticized her for not having a backbone but she was like, ‘A real marriage is about honoring your man, your king.’ She is really upset.” No matter the outcome, the divorce is sure to be fodder for season 2. A cryptic tweet from Porsha below.