L&HH Recap: Olivia Steals Erica’s Song, Tahiry’s Music Video and Yandy Hints at Marriage

In last night’s episode of “Love & Hip-Hop,” everyone fought over who would get Erica Mena’s song. Olivia wanted it, Erica wanted it and poor Rich was caught between his two ladies once again. Rich goes to his Mama (clearly the only sane person in his life) and and seeks advice. She tells him it would be wrong to give the song to Olivia but regardless, he needs to kick Erica to the curb and keep her there. “She don’t need to be messing with my son!” she says. Damn. Mama always knows…

Olivia eventually does end up recording the song and because she can actually sing, it sounds pretty okay. Erica conveniently walks into the studio at the exact time Olivia’s version is playing. Awk-ward. Erica came to make amends with Rich but clearly he done stole her song. She spazzes out on him and blasts him for giving away her record. The way they talk about this song, you’d think it was some classic or something. Anyways, Rich holds firm and tells Erica that until she can treat him like a true manager (Translation: Where’s my money, trick?) he is done with her. “You took what I wanted the most just to hurt me!” cries Erica. Like the insane person she is, she quickly snaps out of it, and tells Rich that his actions have changed the way she views him. “You woke me up,” says Erica. She says she’s going to make it with or without Rich and storms out. “You can’t trust nobody, not even the n*gga you sleep with,” she muses. Yeah, especially when he’s your fake manager that you’re not paying…

Meanwhile, Consequence and Lore’l meet at the studio to work on a new track together. The ghostwriter to the stars, Cons writes some lyrics for Lore’l that she is not feeling. One line in particular, “lightskin is the right skin,” rubs Lore’l the wrong way and she thinks she’ll get backlash for it. No, you think? Cons refuses to budge and says that he doesn’t change lines for nobody. He tries to tell her that the lyric will get people talking and help push the song forward but Lore’l sticks to her guns. She won’t do his song.

Rashidah and Raqi run into each other at a charity event and exchange not-so-nice words. Rashidah tells Raqi that she’s tired of being talked about. Raqi holds that everything she’s heard about Rashidah from credit card scams to slicing bouncers’ faces is all true. The claws come out when the two start throwing jabs at who’s the bigger heaux. No resolution is made and it’s clear, that Raqi has found yet another enemy. For those keeping count at home, Tahiry, Rashidah, Cons and Jen all hate Raqi.

Joe Budden unexpectedly shows up at Tahiry’s first music video set for “Devil.” We’re not sure how he found the address, but just go with it. “I’m here in support of you and your video,” says Joe, trying to repair (again) their friendship. “Show and prove,” snaps Tahiry. She’s done playing his mind games. Either Joe treats her like a real friend or she’s donezos.

Finally, Yandy and Mendeecees talk about Rashidah’s drama from last week’s episode. You may remember that Rah claimed she and Mendy had a very messy relationship/smash/real estate deal. Mendy says the past is the past and he’s a changed, family man now. “Let’s just focus on us,” he advises and says that he and Yandy should have another child together. Yandy says she’s open to the proposition if they both have the same last name. Mendeecees doesn’t quite say “No” to the offer. Could a LHHNY wedding around the corner?