L&HHNY Recap: Yandy and Mendeecees Engaged, Erica Mena Smashes Rich’s Ex

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Last night’s episode of “Love & Hip-Hop NY,” was one of season’s most shocking. After the back and forth, Erica finally decides to try to mend her relationship with Rich Dollaz by any means. Translation: Go to Rich’s house wearing lingerie and a trenchcoat and coax him using sex. Smart girl. Poor Rich is powerless and it seems like these two are back in the business.

Just as things seem to be on top for the pair, we meet Rich’s ex girl Tiffany (who vaguely resembles Erica). Tiffany tells Olivia that Rich asked her to spy on Erica to keep tabs on who and what she was doing. Somehow, this turned into Tiffany SLEEPING with Erica and now Erica is apparently in love with her. Huh? What? Yeah, we’re just as confused. To make matters worse, Tiffany tried to use Erica’s indiscretion as a way to get Rick back for herself. Too bad Rich didn’t care and still wants Erica. An incestuous love triangle if we’ve ever seen one. Bleh!

During an emotional sit down with her mother, we learn that Tahiry’s man/relationship issues stem from her own dysfunctional situation with her father. Tahiry’s father cheated on her mother several times and eventually ran out on the family. Tahiry wants to speak to him during an upcoming trip to the Dominican Republic. As she plans her trip to her native home, Joe Budden pops up and says that he wants to tag along. Tahiry questions Joe’s motives but he says he’ll pay for his own ticket (Oh, golly! Really?). Tahiry and Joe on the beach together in romantic D.R.? It might be deuces for Kaylin once and for all.

The show’s most-hated character, Raqi Thunda, starts to question her divisive behavior after a meeting with Hot 97’s Program Director. He tells her that she’s burning way to many bridges in the industry and needs to start the reconciliation process. Raqi begrudgingly goes to her former bestie Joe Budden and begs for his forgiveness. He says he’ll give it to her, but only if Raqi apologizes to Tahiry first. Whoa. That’s 2 for 2 for Joe and Tahiry back together! Raqi is unsure and says she’ll think about it.

Finally, in this season’s most romantic gesture, Mendeecees says that he’s ready to settle down and marry Yandy. He takes her to a gorgeous mansion in New Jersey and asks her if she wants to move in. Yandy hesitates, as she doesn’t want to take this next step in the relationship until she has a ring on her finger. Mendeecees already planned for this. He invites her to the master bedroom where, among rose petals and candles, gets on one knee and pops the question. Yandy is shocked and tearfully accepts.