L&HHNY Recap: Yandy and Mendeecees Face Legal Trouble, Joe and Tahiry Go Down South and Rich Struggles

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Last night, relationships were put to the test on “Love & Hip Hop NY.” Rich Dollaz gets rushed by Olivia and his mother who make no excuses for their displeasure about Erica. Olivia and Mama Dollaz think Erica is a heaux and her sleeping with Rich’s ex Tiffany is just messy. With his back against the wall, Rich denies that he ever really loved Erica and he was merely using her like she was using him. Sure you were, buddy. Olivia is done with her manager/friend acting so unprofessionally. She gives Rich an ultimatum: Either he leaves Erica or Olivia’s leaving him!

Raqi Thunda tries to mend her relationship with Tahiry after Joe Budden’s recommendation last week. The apology goes awry quickly and it’s clear that these two women can’t be friends. Tahiry stands firm that Raqi smashed the homie Joe. Speaking of Joe, he and Tahiry end up taking a trip to the Dominican Republic to see Tahiry’s father (Where is Kaylin? Back in New Jersey!). Tahiry has a heartfelt conversation with her estranged father, whom she says fueled her own unhealthy relationships with men. After this, Tahiry and Joe talk and begin what seems to be a healing in their own relationship (or possibly, the start of a romantic reconciliation).

Jen The Pen and Consequence struggle with their own relationship back in NYC. She complains that they have communication issues and the resulting is affecting her health. He says that his job is stressful and sometimes he just doesn’t want to come home and deal with more problems. “I don’t want to lose you but you need to treat me good,” says Jen.

In one of the most emotional scenes of the season, Yandy and her family are rocked when Mendeecees is asked to turn himself into authorities for drug charges. It seems that Mendeecees may have dabbled in some bad things in the past and now that past is catching up to him. He says “Goodbye” to his son and family, not knowing what’s next for him. It’s a tearful moment but Yandy says that she feels that this is just a temporary setback and her family will be alright. –Sowmya Krishnamurthy