Live from Ultra Music Festival: Nicky Romero Dishes on UMF Day 1

VIBE caught up with Nicky Romero after his Bayfront-shattering performance on Ultra’s main stage. Here, the superstar spinner shows off the VIBE snapback and gives us the skinny on what’s been going down…

On the craziest thing he’s seen at the fest:
A girl tattooed all of my songs on her back. She just wrote down all the lyrics and everything and she did the drawing of the Toulouse mask on her belly here. I think that was one of the most insane things. You would permanently print that stuff on your body… I was really impressed and I was like “whoa this is next level, this is just not normal anymore.”

On repercussions of the LED screen collapsing on the main stage:
There was a lot of stuff going on because the LED screen fell off the main stage yesterday, so they really got crazy with security and that kind of stuff. For that reason everything got delayed today, because they got a big inspection. The artist before me, she didn’t play at all, after that, the artist Cazzette only played for a half hour and luckily enough I could play my full set.

On his main stage set:
In they end they just cut off my sound because the other artist had to start. I was like, “wow they just cut off my music, I have like 10 seconds after the drop,” so that’s something that I really felt bad about. I prepared my set so well with what I wanted to do, like everything had to be perfect. Luckily the energy was so good and I’m so happy and fortunate I could be on that stage today.

On his favorite live acts:
I would love to see Carl Cox; he is so inspiring to me. I would also love to see David Guetta because he’s my buddy and my friend. He helps me a lot and I admire him. And I think I would love to see Sub Focus.