Live from WMC: Sander van Doorn Talks Ultra, Jay-Z Love and Crazy Fans

VIBE caught up with Sander van Doorn in Miami this week to get some insider details on his new music, working with Roc Nation and much more.

VIBE: The last time you spoke with VIBE, you told us first that you were signed to Roc Nation. What’s happened since then?
Sander van Doorn: A lot. We were actually just speaking about my new production coming up with Dubvision and Mako. It’s one of those tracks this year I’m really happy about.

Do you have a Miami Music Week anthem?
Personally, I would say it’s the new track, “Ten”, with Underworld. It’s got a summer feel to it. I’ve been playing it on my sets now for the last couple of months. Especially over here, it works pretty well. I already did two shows: Ultra Festival and Lift Miami. We dropped the track and it worked out perfectly.

Tell us about your Ultra Weekend One set. What happened?
We literally just got in and out. I had a show over in Atlanta the day before, so when arrived I pretty much dropped the bags and went straight to the festival. The set was phenomenal, but after we had to go straight away. I didn’t really see that much of Ultra, but next weekend we’re playing on a Sunday which will be the big one.

Are there any other DJs whose live set you really loved and enjoyed? Do you watch any, or do you try to?
I couldn’t last weekend, but just in general a like a lot of sets. For instance, Knife Party, I played twice after them at Ultra Festival Chile and Ultra Festival Buenos Aires. Their sound is off the hook. Besides that, just listening to the Swedes. It’s good this week, because you actually get the meet everybody. That’s what I like about Miami.

Finish this sentence: Miami and Ultra means to me…
Hooking up with everybody, seeing familiar faces again, enjoying the weather outside. I’ve been doing this now for about seven to eight years, and every single year it’s been a blast.

Do you have any other hip-hop collaborations coming up?
I don’t have any coming up yet, but I’m open to try different things. Who knows what’s going to happen in the near future?

What if you had to pick a rapper to spit on a Sander track?
Jay-Z, obviously.

How is the set up this year for Ultra’s 15th Anniversary?
It is phenomenal. I’ve been doing Ultra now for seven years, but I still remember one of the first one’s I did as a big show. Compared to today there’s such a big difference. For instance, now there’s two weekends. Last year, I actually got to see the whole production with certain shows including Avicii, so now it’s just taking it one step further. Over the last couple of years, the whole music genre has blown up, and has become very professional since.

Is there a DJ you look up to as a mentor?
I’m a good friend with Carl Cox.

Have you seen anything absolutely crazy from fans? Anything wild?
It’s funny, I came in here on Saturday and there were people waiting to get pictures signed, but this one guy asked me to draw something. I’m really bad at making drawings, but it’s those spontaneous things that bring you close to the fans.

What did you draw?
I drew a house and tree. I’m so bad with drawings but he was happy.