LL Cool J To Play Christopher Dorner?

LL Cool was approached by gossip blog TMZ in regards to possibly starring in a Christopher Dorner biopic.

The veteran rapper-turned-actor and Grammy host quickly denied any possible castings for the part and rebuked the idea of a film so soon.
“That’s not something to even talk about because there are families that suffered, people that died,” he explained after the cameras flashed in his face. “And because of that, I think it would be disrespectful to them to have this conversation about a film when people’s lives were on the line.”

Since the first photos of Dorner emerged, a striking resemblance between the former LAPD officer and LL has been noted, causing several people to hope for LL playing the cop killer in a biopic someday. Dorner shot himself and set the Big Bear cabin he was hiding out in aflame in February following a killing crusade in the name of clearing his name.