‘Love And Hip-Hop’ Recap: Joe And Tahiry Reconcile, Yandy’s Man Smashed Rashidah?

On last night’s episode of “Love & Hip-Hop,” poor Rich Dollaz tried to kick Erica Mena to the curb once and for all. After finding out that his client was booking shows behind his back (Translation: No commission for Rich), Dollaz told Erica that it was over. The always delusional Erica is down but never out and apologized for her crazy behavior, blaming it on trust issues caused by her no good baby father. Rich stands firm and says that he is taking her R&B “hit record” away from her. Erica then tries to sweet talk Rich back into her life (and probably bed). What will Rich do?

The exes that can never stay apart, Joe and Tahiry, have a sit down to discuss the Kaylin fight. Tahiry explains that she’s upset that Joe decided not to give her a verse on “Devil” and tells him that she made him the man he is today. Apparently, when they were together, poor Tahiry was supporting his lifestyle. “I made you the man you are today!” she screams. Joe tries to patch things up by asking Tahiry for a threesome (Always the joker!) but she’s so disgusted she tells him that he and Kay are “not her type.” Joe and Kaylin later discuss the Tahiry meeting and Kay, in a strangely mature move, tells Joe that she thinks he should make amends with his ex. What kind of amends exactly (musical or sexual) remains to be seen.

Lore’l and Winter have a sit down following last week’s blow up around Winter’s scandalous tell-all book. Lore’l says Winter is a liar and what she wrote will hurt her career as a rapper. Winter apologizes for upsetting her friend but her apology seems shallow. In Winter’s mind, she deserves an apology (for What?!). Even though Winter agrees to remove all content about her once-friend, Lore’l is over it. “I hope that shit don’t sell nothing!” she yells and walks away.

Jen and Cons continue to battle over religion in their household. With Christmas around the corner (Reality TV is shot on a weird schedule), Jen wants to celebrate the day with her son but Cons disagrees. The two sit down and Jen puts on the water works. Cons, who seems like he just wants to end the bickering, tells Jen that she can take their son to open gifts at a friend’s house but he doesn’t want to dilute their Muslim faith and confuse the kid. For these two, it’s probably the closest to a happy medium that they’re going to get on the issue.

Finally, we find out that the red-haired cast member we never see, Rashidah a.k.a. “Celebrity Shoe Consultant,” has been involved in a legal entanglement in which she allegedly stabbed a bouncer. Rash is exonerated in the episode but the rumor mill is buzzing about her criminal and downright trifling ways. Yandy’s man Mendeecees claims that he smashed her back in the day and she owes him money from a real estate deal gone wrong. Raqi Thunda also has issues with Rashidah. Hey Raqi, do you want to be the pot or the kettle?

Yandy goes to the launch of Rashidah’s new private label shoe line to set the record straight. Winter asks Rashidah straight up if she smashed Mendy to which Rashidah doesn’t openly deny it (In other words, YUP!). Rashidah explains that the money she owes Mendy she kept for herself for her “pain and suffering” from the bum real estate deal. Sounds like ex-girlfriend payback to us. Rashidah comes up to Yandy and asks her why her man is bugging and putting her name in the streets. “I think Mendeecees is a fucking clown,” she says. Yandy calmly tells her that she doesn’t want to mix business and personal and the venue and if Rash has issues with Mendy moving forward, she can deal with Yandy. Expect more dirty laundry to be aired out next week…