Lucy Love and Linkoban Talk Girl Power and Beer Drinking

As they hit the decks and stages of SXSW last weekend, Superbillion label boss-rapper-singer Lucy Love and her recent recruit Linkoban bring VIBE the dirt on camera nerves, celebrity sightings and whack trap. Read on to find out more.

VIBE: Can you tell us why you decided to start your own label?
Lucy Love (LL): The reason why I started my own label was that there wasn’t a label back in Denmark that could provide what I wanted. I wanted creative control and to know about everything that was going on. That can be difficult with major labels, so we decided to start our own label to release my own music. We signed Linkoban, and now there are only two of us on this very small label.

How did you meet? Did you see her in concert or did she send you a demo?
LL: Linkoban, she stalked me for a little bit.
Linkoban: I stalked her for a little while. I went to her concert and was like, “this is it.” I wanted to work with Superbillion Records because…I really liked that they did everything themselves and I liked his soundscape. So I wrote them, sent them my demo.

[To Lucy Love] You have directed some of Linkoban’s videos, who comes up with the ideas conceptually?
LL: The first video I directed for Linkoban was her first single ‘Like This’, and I think what I was interested in was just showing Linkoban as an artist – for me she’s very graphic and she loves fashion. We didn’t have a lot of money and I had a few lamps at home. It was Ling’s first performance ever in front of a camera, so I knew it was going to be a bit of work. It took about six beers, and then we started to get a performance.
Linkoban: I need to get drunk on camera, and I still need it.

Is this your first time performing in the US for both of you, and how has it been so far?
Linkoban: It’s been really cool. The difference between here and back home is that people are so open, and so interested. They want to know you and dig deep into your stories, and I really, really like that.
LL: Yeah it’s been fantastic. It’s overwhelming how much energy people have. It’s like it’s endless and you can feel it, like the pulse of this very, very big city. We come from the tiniest of places, and it puts it into perspective.

I heard you hit up a few of the DJ parties and events this past weekend, where did you go and who did you see?
Linkoban: We actually haven’t been out that much. We’ve been passed out on the sofa, because we’ve been around, doing so many interviews, so we haven’t really been out that much. I was here two years ago, and its’ really weird how being in New York is like being on television. I saw David Beckham walking around, and I don’t think of myself as the type to get Starstruck, but I got Starstruck. I was wearing these weird mouse shoes because I didn’t think I was going out, and I was like, “of course I look like this!”

Who are some of your creative influences in music?
LL: This is a difficult question, because it’s very hard to create music and listen to it at the same time. We just finished my debut album, which will be out in May, and in that time frame became influenced by so many talents – people tell a story exactly how you want to tell it. So I listen to French piano music, or classical, just to keep clear. In terms of overall inspiration is everywhere.

You also have a unique style. What are your fashion influences.
Linkoban: I think I have a broad reach sometimes. I’ll like a little dress, and when I’m lazy I just wear black. The way I dress expresses the mood of that day, and it’s not that serious. It’s just me having fun.

The trap scene is buzzing in the US at the moment. What are your thoughts on this new global dance movement?
Linkoban: I like it. It’s aggressive and it’s a good thing to listen to when you want to party, but it tends to be a bit… the same.
LL: I’m not a big fan of trap. I mean, there are some tunes that are amazing, but it’s too much.

Do you feel like you have the same fan base, or do you feel like it’s separate?
Linkoban: There’s an overlap.

How would you each describe your fan base?
Linkoban: I get a lot of support from girls who reflect themselves in the whole strong female thing, and that’s so, so good when you can be in a position to get support from those girls. I remember being young and liking the Spice Girls.
LL: I think mine is a bit broader. For some reason, it appeals to kids down to the age of five, but I’ve also had fans that are 70. It’s because I’ve played so many types of shows, and I don’t adjust the sound according to the audience, so they get the feeling that everyone’s welcome.
Linkoban: I’d like to add that I get a vibe that the gay community is also…
LL: We’ve both kind of hit it…
Linkoban: In San Francisco, when they have their dress-up shows, they sent me a video of a guy dressed as Linkoban doing the “Like This” dance wearing a striped top, and I was like, “Oh my god that’s me as a man. Amazing!” I wanna really get out there and meet them because I think they’re so cool.

What are you listening to? What movements and bands are really exciting you right now?
Linkoban: I’ve been listening to the Frank Ocean “Channel Orange” album ever since it came out. I just put it in my car and haven’t even thought of replacing it with something else. I really like Grimes as well. I really dig her style and I dig the music.
LL: I’ve listened to all kinds of music lately, and a week ago I was like, “Okay, I’m only going to listen to good old songs”, so I started listening to Faithless again, and the Prodigy and Chemical Brothers.