Malinda Williams and Macy’s Celebrate Gordon Parks

The spirit of Black History Month continues thanks to vixens like Malinda Williams. The Soul Food actress was recently part of a multi-city tour honoring photographer, musician, writer and director Gordon Parks. While many, including Malinda, have read up on the “truth teller,” most millennials have yet to feel Parks’ cultural impact.

“I was particularly effected while in the City of Detroit, where a young girl who was not familiar with Mr. Parks’ work prior to attending the event, stood up and posed a question to the panel. She inquired about what she could personally do about changing how people see arts and entertainment,” said Malinda. “She went on to describe the feeling, or lack of feeling and emotion she’d  experienced by much of what is being presented in entertainment today. ‘When I see Mr. Parks’ work, I feel something, I am actually moved’.”