Mango Apologizes After Selling ‘Slave Style’ Jewelry

Here we go again. It seems every month someone apologizes for saying something outrageous.

Spanish retailer Mango regrets selling ‘Slave Style’ jewelry on its French website. The retailer advertised a gold necklace and two bracelets described as ‘Esclave’, meaning ‘Slave’ in French.

The backlash occurred when a petition entitled ‘Slavery Is Not Fashion’ asked Mango to remove the descriptor. The Spanish retailer explained on its official Twitter account that it was a “translation error” and the items have now been re-labeled.

According to the Business Insider, one woman on Twitter was outraged. “Stop your lies! We all know that a translation error would be fixed well before products hit the shelves.”

What do you think about this controversy? Are you as upset as we are?

Photo Credit: Mango