Meet the Boogie Down’s Hood Chefs: Ghetto Gastro

Four chefs from the Bronx have decided to cook up their own flavor to add to the BX’s melting pot of gastronomy fares. Jon Gray, Chef Malcolm Livingston II, Chef Marq Hayes, Chef Lester Walker and Chef Daniel Levin make up the collective, better known as Ghetto Gastro.

VIBE caught up with these hood chefs to talk about dinner dates, giving back to the community and their famous chicken and waffles. Click through the gallery to check out the full interview from Uptown baby, Uptown baby…

VIBE: What’s the craziest entree you guys have ever made and served?
Jon Gray: I’m skinny on the cooking but I have created a intermezzo before which consists of Pear with Maple cream, Speziato al Tartufo, and Candied Meyer Lemon Zest.
Chef Malcolm Livingston II: The GG Mofongo, in other words Plantain Pasta that was pretty ingenious!
Chef Marq Hayes: Mission Fig Waffle x Clementine Chili Fried Chicken with Fois Gras Butter
Chef Lester Walker: Fried Blowfish with Roasted Red Pepper Paint, Chickpea Puree, Purple Potato Chips, and Meyer Lemon Gelee. It was wavy and nobody died.
Chef Daniel Levin: Mission Fig Waffle x Clementine Chili Fried Chicken with Fois Gras Butter.

VIBE: If you had to have a soundtrack to your perfect meal, what would be the app, entrée and dessert music. (pick a track for each course)
Jon Gray: App Young Jeezy/Thug Motivation 101, Entrée Ghostface/Mighty Healthy Dessert Outkast/Spottieottiedopaliscious
Chef Malcolm Livingston II: For the App- Jayz PSA/Public Service Announcement, Entree – Outkast/So Fresh and So Clean, and for the Dessert Raekwon with Ice Cream.
Chef Marq Hayes: App: Kendrick Lamar/Money Trees, Entree: Joby Talbot/ Dying Swan, and Dessert: Lee Morgan/Rigamortis
Chef Lester Walker: App – This or That/Black Sheep, Entrée – The Champ Is Here/Jada Kiss, and Dessert – I Did It My Way/ Jay Hova

VIBE: How long until you guys get a food truck?
Jon Gray: I’d rather stay mobile by doing dope pop-ups around the globe. Variety is the spice of life.
Chef Malcolm Livingston II: Soon as I price the rims weoutchea!
Chef Marq Hayes: Some of us feel the food truck era in NYC has expired, but we’d partner with a dope brand to do a one off.
Chef Lester Walker: We are a food truck! The wave is a movement and we are paving these streets.
Chef Daniel Levin: No clue, but could be in the works

Photo Credit: Joshua Woods