Meet Dance Music’s Rising Star: DJ Imanos

Canadian producer, DJ Imanos, is no amateur when it comes to producing solid dance music tracks – he’s even received acclaim from established artists that include Tiësto, Avicii and Laidback Luke, to name a few. His carefully crafted tunes range from synth-heavy electro house to twerky trap, and everything in between. Here, Imanos debuts his collaborative track with fellow producer, Faustix (hailing from Denmark) and NYC based songstress, Noosa on the electro house meets love trap track, “Moonlight.”

The 24-year-old producer also took time out to chat with VIBE – his answers are as quirky as our questions.

VIBE: Describe your DJing style in the manner you would describe your favorite food.
DJ Imanos: Smooth, silky, and roasted like organic strawberry and balsamic mixed with honey vanilla ice cream.

Currently, who are your three favorite DJs?
Diplo, Just Blaze and RL Grime.

What is the most annoying aspect of the music industry?
How long everything takes – from releases to working with vocalists. [You] got to have patience in music, I believe.

Which musical term do you prefer: EDM or dance music?
Dance music for sure. I try not to say EDM as much really. [It’s] not that I have anything against it. It’s just that the phrase EDM never existed when I became a fan of dance music.

What’s next in your list of future accomplishments?
Going on my first national tour very soon!

Why’d you choose DJing as a profession?
[Because] you get better at it the more you drink. That’s why!

Do you think a DJ is a musician?
A DJ can be [a] musician, but I don’t think that is always the case. I think a DJ, first and foremost, is a fan of music.