Mercedes-Benz Ener-G-Force: Meet The Squad Car Of Tomorrow

Mercedes-Benz intros a ride sure to redefine cuffing season

More than a decade after Tom Cruise’s Minority Report freaked us out about high-tech law enforcement vehicles, Mercedes-Benz has come to throw away the key. The brand’s latest concept whip hints at what to expect—and
fear—in 2025. Presented at 2012’s L.A. Design Challenge, the Ener-G-Force model is a consumer cruiser that’s also being billed as the squad car of tomorrow.

Based off the rigid G-Class, a design that’s gone relatively unchanged for decades, the G-Force holds onto little from its inspiration, unless you count a road presence guaranteed to garner WTF-faces from anyone glimpsing one in their rearview. Fittingly debuted in the city that made the police-chase famous, Benz’s engineers envision a power train that will serve and protect the environment, as well as the wallets of civilian owners.

Utilizing a conceptual (translation: it doesn’t truly exist yet) “hydrotech converter,” the G will process recycled water into hydrogen, which will in turn power the truck’s fuel cells for an anticipated range of 500-plus miles. Crazy as that may come off, it’s a technology the brand says is a decade or so away. In case you hadn’t noticed, the retro trend is fading faster than partygoers popping Molly.

Regardless of whether your local precinct will have the interest or budget to upgrade its Chargers its safe to say the next generation of Gs will be less of a box, but still every bit as brolic as its predecessor. Let’s just hope if we’re sitting in back, it’s ’cause we’re all about that chauffeured good life.