Miami Music Week Style Stop With NERVO: No Tinsel Jeans

Whaaaddddduuup from Miami, where the people are drop dead gorgeous and time is not a language spoken fluently. Australian twin DJ duo, NERVO, celebrated their recent campaign as the foxy faces of COVERGIRL with a special beauty extravaganza Miami Music Week event at the SLS Hotel that included fresh nail designs by ingenious street artist Alec Monopoly.

VIBE sat down with Liv and Mim before the event to chat about their upcoming album, playing with makeup for a job and the best-dressed men in the industry.

What is most exciting for you about Winter Music Conference?
NERVO WMC for us represents really the music and the music trends for the up and coming summer. Everyone is showcasing their new music and catching up.

What’s it like to play America’s premier electronic music festival? Not to mention the Ultra Main Stage? (We saw you last year in “the dome”)
Mim: The dome! I loved the dome!
Liv: The dome was really one of our best gigs last year. When we got there, there wasn’t anyone there. But I think all the people came for our set and it was AMAZING.

Best part about your job?
Mim: We see the world. We get to play music and make music that people move to and write to us and appreciate – it’s kind of crazy that it’s a job. Now we get to play with makeup for a job.
Liv: It is hard, you do have to earn your stripes when you are in the arts. But when it starts to click you know, we are really on cloud nine.

If you were to collaborate with a rapper who would it be?
Liv: Tiny Tim. And Dizzie Rascal. We just went on tour with him and he really is unique – such swag.
Mim: I wouldn’t mind Jay Z either. Or Kanye.

Where is NERVO musically headed?
Mim: We’re working on the album right now! It has an electronic heartbeat but definitely has other textures. Our album is shaping up to be not all 128 BPM beat drops. It will show different layers of our writing, producing and our artistry. When you release singles, they need to work on the dance floor, whereas they’ll be some records there that clearly we won’t be able to play on the floor but we connect with and we love.
Liv: We’re also releasing a few singles on different labels which keeps it fresh. We’ve got a release coming up that’s deeper, more deep house, it’s chill.

Best thing about having a sister?
Liv: We get to experience the highs and the lows together. And really the highs, they are so much higher when they are with someone that you care about.
Mim: We can get each other without speaking. We see so many great places in the world and it can almost be sad if you see so many beautiful things without sharing them.

Style advice for transitioning from day to night?
Liv: Wear sensible shoes and layers.
Mim: But layers you might lose them, that’s the only thing.

Style inspirations?
Liv: I really love Kate Moss- not that we’re anything like Kate Moss.
It’s been really tricky in the past to style us. We get awesome stylists and then end up wearing our own clothes. We’re not “Gucci girls”, we like high street fashion. But you can get glamorous in there, like by just adding a McQueen jacket. We really draw a lot of inspiration from our travels and the people we work with. You have long and flowy in LA, and Tokyo, is just on another level. Then you go to London and you get fur, boots, and in New York you have hats.
Mim: We are so lucky that we get to dress up for our job, and I think that’s one of the major differences between being a male and a female in this scene. But there are guys that do dress incredibly well, like Porter Robinson.

What are you into right now?
Liv: I was really into studs and now I think I’m kind of coming out of my stud phase. But why wear a boot without studs when you can wear a boot with studs? The great thing about fashion is that it can change – a Monday can feel different to a Tuesday.
Mim: I’m into plastic – “plastic fantastic”.

Worst fashion trend?
NERVO: Tinsel jeans