Miguel Logs Fashion Journal for New York Times

Miguel’s fashion choices are just as memorable as his music. Since hitting the scene three years ago, he’s managed to finesse a style that blogs and critics considered questionable at times.

New York Times gave him the task of keeping a fashion journal during his global, week-long trip (Feb. 26-Mar. 1) from Los Angeles to South Africa, on which he opted for a “rock star mogul look” interspersed with some familiar faves.

“On the schedule: radio and a more intimate show for the mayor of Pretoria. But I woke up with a slight headache and an “I don’t really care” attitude thanks to last night’s success and epic post-show revelries,” he wrote. “It was a mild day, mood- and weather-wise, which made me happy that I packed my favorite denim jacket. It used to be my dad’s and it’s worn in, and out, quite awesomely.”

Check out Miguel’s entire journal on the NYT site.