Mona Scott-Young Dishes on Her Presentation of Women and ‘The Gossip Game’


Love & Hip Hop creator Mona Scott-Young held a press roundtable event on Monday (Mar. 25) with some of the biggest names on the Atlanta media scene. She was an open book as she answered questions on a plethora of subjects including new shows, how she portrays black women, how she chooses her casts and her newest endeavor, Myx Fusion Moscato.

Scott explained her presentation of women on Love & Hip Hop, despite the backlash she receives. “Often times people tell me how horrible it is, or how these women should go crawl under a rock,” she said. “I’m not here to judge them! I think that these women are a part of our population as African Americans. They live real lives and their stories deserve to be told as much as the other stories. I encourage them to use this as a platform. I will never forget the first time I gave Joseline a check and she cried. Prior to that she has never seen her name printed on a check because she was only ever paid in dollar bills, so don’t tell me I’m not changing lives.”

Although audiences question Mona’s responsibly to showcasing black women in a more positive light, VH1’s new show The Gossip Game seems to be a change of pace. The Monami Entertainment founder discussed how she chose the new cast. “We met with them and tried to find different lives and mediums to represent. I walked into the situation thinking that there was a pecking order. You have TV and radio journalists, then you’ve got the freelancers, then the bloggers, almost like they were at the bottom of the totem pole. But what I realized is that all of the folks in the different areas get their news from the bloggers. They’re probably a little more important than people want to give them credit for and we wanted to explore that.”

Mrs. Scott-Young is currently developing a show for Bravo entitled Taking Atlanta, where she features a cast that is striving to make it big in the A. Different types of women, from a boutique owner to a woman who aspires to be a trophy wife and works just as hard on making that happen as the average nine-to-fiver, will be represented on the new TV spot.

The Gossip Game premieres April 1, and Love & Hip Hop ATL returns on April 22. — Jazmine Henley-Brown