New Club Alert: Las Vegas’ LIGHT Will Have You Seeing Sounds

An EDM-fueled dance hub, Las Vegas’ new site of debauchery will have you seeing sounds

Best Of Both Worlds
The latest addition to the Strip, LIGHT turns any Sin City escapade into a scenic field trip. Opening this March under the reins of Light Group, MGM Resorts International and Cirque du Soleil, the rebooted 38,000-square-foot club merges circus-esque visuals with the mosh pit feel of an electronic dance party, where the DJ is the centerpiece. “The whole ecosystem of the club is about the DJ being the ringmaster,” says LIGHT creative director Amy Thomson. “But everyone in the room is part of the show.”

What Happens Here
A typical LIGHT night provides a safari of wild sights—an experience Thomson describes as “a night out meets adventure.” Silhouettes of Cirque du Soleil’s aerial acrobats will have club crawlers both puzzled and awed, and Big Bang explosions of LED light create the illusion of stepping into a Ke$ha video.

DJ, Run It Back
Don’t expect to dip it low to Future and friends. Here, high-BPM tracks earn much of the burn, while prominent DJs get carte blanche on breaking songs that’ll have you cuing up Shazam. “We’re hoping club-goers will go on a journey with the DJs,” explains Thomson, who manages EDM trio Swedish House Mafia. “We’re not asking people to listen to records they don’t know, but to be open-minded and enjoy all the layers.”

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