New EP: Travis Garland ‘Fashionably Late II’

Remember the name because you will be seeing it on Billboard’s charts soon. Former Boy-bander Travis Garland has released the second installment of his “Fashionably Late” series. Delivering a sound that is completely his own, Garland’s music is inspired by numerous genres of music. But don’t think he’s gonna rest on just famous comparisons. Travis Garland wants is eager to show the world that he is in a lane of his own. “Someone who is true to the art of it, that’s all I want to be. The best compliment someone can give me is saying ‘Man, I haven’t heard something like that in a long time.’”

Today Fashionably Late II was released on Garland’s official site to stream and download for free. Ready for something fresh? Head over to You ears will thank you.