New Sinkhole Forms In Florida

Looks like it’s time to add sinkhole insurance into your home investment in the state of Florida.

About a month ago, a sinkhole swallowed and killed a man in Seffner while sleeping in his bedroom. One even popped up in California and swallowed an entire pond.

According to reports, a new sinkhole formed between two homes in the same Florida town around 7pm on Saturday (Mar. 23). Residents were then asked to evacuate from their homes for precaution.

Hillsborough County Fire Rescue spokeswoman Jessica Damico reported that the hole was estimated eight feet across and 10 feet deep. reports “sinkholes are an increasingly deadly risk in Florida, due primarily to the region’s geology. The state is largely underlain by porous limestone, which can hold immense amounts of water in underground aquifers.”

That just sounds like an ongoing accident waiting to happen.