New Mixtape: Don Cannon & Set Free “Your City My City Vol. 1″

When two of the hip-hop industry’s major factors of main stay brands come together to make some new magic, you have to take the time to check it and rock. Marketing, promotion and content creation is Set Free’s lane and mixtapes, beats and tearing down parties around the world is DJ Don Cannon’s forte. As a unit, the duo created the Your City My City brand/site to serve those that need to be hipped to the latest music and fashion lifestyle that peaks their interest. Starting with the mixtape’s Vol. 1 edition, you’ll find all of the hits that need to fit in your daily playlist. Bop to Set’s and Don’s curated song selection and realize why you can’t do what they do. Download the project on Livemixtapes or visit the YCMC website and get the full flavor direct from the fellas. Bonus: “BTS of the mixtape series: Your City My City Vol. 1—hosted by legendary AND1 Mixtape creator, Set Free, and the mixtape circuit’s number one co-signer, DJ Don Cannon. When it comes to music and fashion, this duo is no rookie to the game.”