New Music: Jhené Aiko ‘Everything Must Go’

Soulstress Jhené Aiko is cleansing herself of desire.

While fans have been treated to liberating visuals like “Mirrors” and “Burning Man” in anticipation of her Def Jam/ Artium debut Souled Out, Aiko celebrated her 25th birthday by releasing the No I.D.-produced cut “Everything Must Go.”

Put an ear to the track and read her special message via Tumblr below.

Alive at 25
What a ride its been !
And I’m still on this wave ….
Steady sailing.
2 years ago, today
On my 23rd birthday I released
Sailing Souls
And was pleasantly surprised by the response .
I didn’t have any expectations…
I really just wanted to share and express myself .
Since then, shit’s been getting crazier and crazier .
Reaching new peaks and hitting all time lows….
While prepping my debut album on Def Jam …. “Souled Out”

I swear I pour my everything into each of these songs ….
Pieces of my soul I may never get back ,
But I leave them on tracks in hopes that someone , somewhere will connect ….
And really ,

Writing and singing these songs,
Telling my stories and expressing my feelings is what keeps me alive .
Everybody is going through some shit, sharing our stories and realizing that you’re not alone in ur suffering is how suffering disappears ….

It’s important to release,to let go of everything in good faith and to be led by love not fear ….

When u realize that nothing is yours to begin with , you won’t be afraid of losing anything ….
And that’s when u will experience true FREEDOM and POWER

The power of being free of all desire …. free to live; free to LOVE.
I’m still learning … not quite there… but I think I’m getting closer.

I apologize to everyone who expected another mixtape or album today ….
But instead ,
for my birthday ….
I wanted to share this lesson.
In my 25 years on this planet….
If there’s one thing I’ve learned,
(written by Jhené Aiko; produced by No I.D. )

Thank you for listening and Happy 3:16 !

Jhene 3:16
“For who so ever believes in her shall have everlasting love”