New Video: JoJo ‘Andre’


JoJo looks all-grown-up, rocking her boyfriend’s button-up and a fierce red lip in her new video for “Andre” off her 2012 mixtape Agape.

In the video, Jo’s love interest praises her in a special art exhibit. While the “Demonstrate” singer told Vixen in July that she was single, the visual isn’t a far cry from her type of fella.

“I love weirdos,” she said. “I like them intellectual I want to learn something. I want you to teach me something. I don’t mean that in a creepy way, but I mean, like for example, guys from another country or another place that I’m not familiar with or maybe he studied something I find fascinating. I love an alternative intellectual.”

Her bestie and singer Leah Labelle also makes a cameo.

Check out the chic video above.