The Breakfast Club Grills Omarosa On Beef With Claudia Jordan And Lawsuit Against La Toya Jackson

Omarosa sat down with the world’s most dangerous morning show and spared no shots against the two women she’s least happiest with: Claudia Jordan and La Toya Jackson

“Unlike Claudia Jordan, I don’t have to sleep my way to the top,” said Omarosa, when asked about her beef with her Celebrity Apprentice co-star.

She even addressed her impending lawsuit against Michael Jackson’s big sister, La Toya, over alleged remarks she made about Omarosa’s late fiancée/ actor Michael Clarke Duncan, even remixing her government. “Lie-toya has a problem with the truth and if you’ll sell out your family, pimp out your niece and nephews, you’ll do anything,” she said.

Check out the explosive interview above.