Pardon the Introduction: Modern Machines Don’t Poop on the Tour Bus

Up-and-coming house duo Modern Machines is bringing the street beats to your speakers with their well-seasoned sound of NYC’s eclectic music scene. Members consist of native New Yorkers Dimitry Mak and Kapla, two seasoned producers-DJs who have already set their mark on the industry by recently signing with the Stadiumred label and touring with top electronic fest, Bounce Music Festival.

VIBE sat down with the rising stars of House in an interview to reveal some of their favorite NYC hotspots, the number one rule on the road, and their big plans at Stadiumred and for the rest of the year. Also, be sure to catch them live when they perform at Bounce Music Festival in Puerto Vallarta, Mexico from March 6 to 10 and the Winter Music Conference in Miami, Florida from March 22 to 23.

VIBE: If your sound was the creative child of two parent music styles/genres, what would they be?
Dimitry: It’s hard to pick just TWO because we’re fans of so many genres and I think they all kind of come out in little ways. A little bit of country and a little bit rock n’ roll, if you will. But we definitely want people dancing.
Blake: French house/rock

Being NYC natives, how have you’ve garnered inspiration from the city’s dance scene?
D: NYC is very inspiring in so many ways, not just from the dance scene. It can be something as simple as walking down the street, from hearing hip-hop blasting out of a car, to Salsa or Reggaeton blasting from a corner bodega, or even a band playing in a bar in Brooklyn, and all those things can happen within five minutes of each other. As far as clubs and DJs go there’s just too many to name…but APT used to have amazing DJ nights.

In New York, where’s your favorite place to…
…perform →
D: Pacha (we’ve yet to perform there but it’s gonna happen and I know it’ll be our favorite!)

…party →
D: My house.
B: Where ever my friends are.

…grab a bite →
D: Beauty & Essex. Amazing food from Chef Chris Santos.
B: Red Bamboo.

…buy some new kicks or clothes →
D: The great thing about this city is there’s a lot of vintage shops so you can find some really awesome stuff if you’re willing to dig.
B: Fred Perry.

…find music inspiration →
D: If I need to tune out, I just head over to A-1 records and start digging. I can spend hours in there, and you can forget all the stuff that’s on the radio and find some classic albums that remind you why you got into music in the first place.
B: Open spaces and water stir my creativity the most. Places like Central Park and the East River.

You were actually asked to tour on the road with Stadiumred partner Bounce Music Festival. What has that been like? Any crazy road stories?
D: Bounce has been absolutely amazing. Every show we’ve played has been better than the last. One story was when we played in Syracuse with Cazzette. The show was great, but then we went and DJ’d an after party at a frat house and it was completely OUT of control, something out of a movie. Three floors of kids just going completely bananas, and that’s the best thing about touring – you’ll never know what’s gonna happen.
B: Indiana was our favorite. It was a blast playing with Dada Life and the energy was unreal.

What’s the best advice you got on the tour, and who was it from?
D: Don’t poop in the tour bus – every road warrior ever.

What rapper would you chose to collab with (living) and why?
D: This might sound cliché but it has to be Jay-Z. Growing up in Brooklyn, he’s one of the best to do it. I own every single record by him (not mp3s, actual records – do people own these anymore?). He just also seems like the coolest 43-year-old EVER.
B: Any members from Goodie Mob or Outkast. They don’t make them like they used to.

What are your plans for the rest of 2013?
D: First and foremost, releasing more music!! we want people to get down with the Machine, and then we’d love to hit the road really hard.
B: Release records, play to thousands, learn how to slam dunk.