Lifetime Reality TV Show ‘Preachers’ Daughters’ Sparks Controversy [Video]

Wild myths have run rampant about preachers’ kids since the term “PK” was coined, but Lifetime is turning the cameras on to what really happens beyond church doors.

On new controversial reality TV show Preachers’ Daughters, three teenage girls–Taylor Coleman (17, pictured above), Kolby Koloff (16) and Olivia Perry (18)–are examined as they navigate dating under strict rules, living according to The Word and learning the facts of life. Naturally, the outcome is shocking, sparking nationwide debates and driving some Christians to react negatively to the show’s honesty.

As a mash-up of 16&Pregnant and any other MTV teen-centric lifestyle series, PD proves to be perfect for society’s entertainment carvings. While Taylor’s off kissing her ex-boyfriend after sneaking out of the house and joking about being a pornstar, Kolby’s cringing from embarrassment every time her mom says the word “penetration.” Opposed to the other girls, teen mom Olivia is dealing with telling her parents that her baby’s father is unknown.

Watch the hour-long premiere below and share your thoughts. Preachers’ Daughters¬†airs on Tuesdays at 10 p.m. ET.

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