Preview FACETASM’s 2013 Fall/Winter Runway Looks

FACETASM (one of the premiere streetwear lines in Japanese fashion) shows off their 2013 Fall/Winter collection—which is jam-packed with intricate designs & left-field styling.

Head designer Hiromichi Ochiai is known for his heavy layering, but this time around you really get to see the man shine. Pairing horizontal sweater patterns with snowy wood print and tweed/leather overalls with a beige quilted sweater are just a few examples of how eclectic the styling gets in these runway looks. If Ochiai’s pairings are a bit too much for your personal tastes, try and zero in on specific items in the collection. Some of these pieces are beyond dope—like the all black varsity-style trench seen above.

Look through all the runway looks in FACETASM’s 2013 Fall/Winter collection in the above gallery