Project Runway Recap: A Sticky Situation

Samantha and Patricia’s blue and silver praying mantas design was weird but had a bit of edge. Heidi loved it and thought it is was great. Chris questioned the proportion and textile but stated it provided inspiration to young Teenage girls. Models wore their hair in a high ponytail, and their faces were glowing with deeply shaded in brows finished with a shimmering mauve lip color.

Kate and Tu’s dress wasn’t enough fun for Heidi. Nina Garcia used terms like “aging” and “old-fashioned”, and Zac Posen felt the designers should’ve upgraded the dress a bit. Their models also wore a ponytail, and had peachy toned blush, soft mascara and pink lipstick.

For Layana and Stanley, Chris referenced their black and silver dress as slightly fetish with strange layers of inspiration. Nina Garcia, in a yellow and white looking Prada top with white chino’s and natural makeup, stated their large florescent pink bow tied it together. The duo’s model wore a ponytail that was accented with glossy pink lips.

Chris believed Michelle and Amanda’s dress had a sinister feel, but was still fun and modern. Their model wore a nude makeup with her hair pinned up with three strategically placed left side chignons.

Richard and Daniel’s solid gold design was one-dimensional and the ruffles added extra pizzazz; however, their models wore basic bronze and gold makeup. Chris explained the dress was an 80’s silhouette prom dress, but disguising elements worked against them.