Project Runway Recap: He Said, She Said

Project runway season11 episode 9 designerThe Runway:
Patricia created a chiffon blouse with coral capri pants, while her model wore a simple ponytail with bangs and vibrant pink orange lips. Stanley created a pink long shift dress that wasn’t exactly innovative. Neither look was excellent.

The Winners:
Dressed in a black jump suit with a white bow at the side of her head, Michelle was crowded the winner. Heidi liked her young sophisticated dress which had a bold chartreuse yellow center piece, framed with a beige silk and leather color block on the top and bottom. Nina felt it could fit many shapes and sizes. Rachel believed it was smart and easy and it was well executed. I loved the model’s soft 70’s inspired curl. With illuminating bronzed skin, mossy green eyeshadow and vibrant cheeks she was one of the best looking models.

Losing Team:
Layana long chiffon flowing dress was a mix of floral softness, but the black leather component was too hardness for spring. Nina loved the leather, but not the print. Rachel liked the dress and felt the lines had a feminine edge. Bonnie complimented the edginess and chicness of the fabric. Heidi thought the dress was hot, but the print cheapened it.

Stay tuned for the next episode where the designers are asked to create a textile design.

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