PSY to Release “Gangnam Style” Follow-Up in April

On April 13 the world will find out if South Korean rapper PSY is a one-hit wonder or not. The “Gangnam Style” singer will attempt to follow-up his worldwide hit with a new single.

The YouTube sensation — currently more than 1.3 billion views — took to the popular video sharing platform to announce that he will be returning home to unveil the new track, while performing at the Seoul World Cup Stadium in front of approximately 40,000 fans. PSY hinted the secret concert in a vague tweet he sent out earlier this month. The rapper also broke into a mix of gangum style and 2013’s new dance craze, the Harlem shake to appropriately end the video.

Perhaps, his recent “Gangnam Style (Remix)” with Diplo, 2 Chainz and Tyga wasn’t enough. His reps have revealed that the international star will return to the US to promote the new single upon its release, and that plans to release an album are in place.

Check out PSY’s announcement video below: