Teen Race Car Driver Kills Cousin In Crash

In tragic news, a teenage race car driver in Marysville, California, killed two people on Saturday (Mar. 16) after losing control while doing warm-up laps at a raceway, MSNBC reports.

Officials have identified the victims as 14-year-old Marcus Johnson (the driver’s cousin) and 68-year-old Dale Wondergem Jr., a race car owner. The two were struck while waiting in the pit area at Marysville Raceway Park, as 17-year-old Chase Johnson was doing “hot laps” at 90 mph prior to the race.

“There must have been a mechanical problem,” said announcer Steven Blakesley. “The car didn’t slow down. “

The driver suffered no injuries. The Sheriff’s Department and California Highway Patrol are currently investigating the crash.

Photo Credit: New York Times

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