Rev. Run, Tyrese Visit Dr. Oz to Talk ‘Manology,’ Being Unfaithful

Dr. Oz calls the duo unlikely best friends, but Tyrese and Rev. Run’s unlikely friendship has produced the unlikely New York Times bestseller Manology. The advice book breaks down “man code” for women. Tyrese and Rev. Run sat down with Oprah’s doc to discuss what strikes a chord with women when it comes to their book.

“We put this out there because we have a problem with what women don’t know,” says Tyrese.

“Some guys are saying we are breaking the ‘bro-code.’ What bro-code?” asks Rev. Run.

Manology aims to tell women what men are thinking when it comes to communication, commitment and sex. Tyrese gets candid and opens up about being unfaithful in most of his relationships. “You admit honestly in the book that you’ve had trouble being faithful, in fact, you’ve been cheating in most of the relationships you’ve been in. Why is that?” Oz asks Tyrese, cutting to the chase.

“Well, the thing is … there’s no real way to justify it, because I’m very different now that Rev is my mentor and best friend,” says Tyrese, “but basically I think men have a huge appetite for sex. We’re always curious.” The pair go on to talk about the stereotypes between men and women when it comes to sex and the difference between what men talk about and what women talk about when they congregate.

“I couldn’t change people’s lives through the message I put in this book, if I didn’t expose what my habits or my flaws were outside of the advice that I’m given,” says Tyrese. “I’m very proud of who I am because I wouldn’t be here if I didn’t go down the path I went down before I evolved.”

Watch the four-part interview here.