Rumor: Will Apple’s iWatch Arrive By The End Of 2013?

Tech-lovers are going to geek out about this latest iRumor…

As speculation grows about the possible release of the iPhone 5S and 6 this year, HypeBeast is reporting that the Tim Cook-led company may be going into the wearable tech-business.

There is growing word in digi-circles that the Apple iWatch will hit the market sometime later this year. According to tech-perts, the rumor is speculative at best, but the iWatch is a cool gadget if made a possibility. It will combine the functionality of a phone with GPS and health monitoring sensors.

With word being quiet on the home front, it seems that Apple is looking to get into the wearable fitness tracking business, a la Nike+ and the FuelBand. Google may actually been the impetus for speeding up the iWatch’s launch date.

Props: HB