‘Scandal’ Stars Kerry Washington and Tony Goldwyn Pose for TV Guide

The chemistry between actors Kerry Washington and Tony Goldwyn is undeniable. As Olivia Pope and President Fitzgerald Grant on Scandal, these two not only challenge the conventional definition of love, they look hot doing it.

TV Guide nabbed the twosome for the cover of their latest issue. Inside, Goldwyn can’t help but gush over his leading lady.

“Kerry is a really extraordinary person,” he says. “Getting to know her and work with her, she’s this deeply loving person who has this unbridled enthusiasm and passion for work everyday… And then we have this really weird chemistry that we don’t talk about much together because we don’t want to jinx it.”

Kerry also notes the series’ ability to pull in an audience in every week. “Nobody’s all good and nobody’s all bad. All of these characters have questionable ethics, and they fall in various levels of gray on the morality scale. And I love that,” she says. “I think it forces our audience to really ask themselves, ‘Do we really put people on a pedestal and feel broken when they disappoint us?'”

Watch the video below to see more questions answered, including whether Fitz and Olivia belong together.