ScHoolboy Q Talks ‘Oxymoron,’ Balancing Fatherhood & Music, And Clears Up Supergroup Rumors


When thinking about rapper ScHoolboy Q, two things instantly come to mind: dope bucket hats and legit rap skills. Aside from being affiliated with TDE, one of hip-hop’s tightest (and most talented) rap groups in recent times, he’s also got an eye on fashion & a host of new material in the works. However, could one of those projects be a new four-man rap supergroup with hip-hop’s hottest MCs out of the new school?

VIBE got a chance to sit down with the TDE champ, where he spoke on details surrounding his upcoming debut studio album, Oxymoron, how balancing fatherhood and a music career almost made him quit rap, and sets the record straight about that rumored supergroup with A$AP Rocky, Danny Brown, and Ab-Soul.—Keenan Higgins (@HIGzILLMATIC)

VIBE: What was it like working with Boi-1da on your first single?
ScHoolboy Q: [”Yay Yay” is] not a single, but it’s a record we put out there.

Ok. So it’s like a buzz single for right now?
I mean, it’s doing what it’s doing, but we really didn’t work together. He sent [the beat] through email, I rapped to it—‘that Yay Yay.’

What are your thoughts on that whole process? It seems like people email everything now instead of actually going in the studio.
Yeah, but it’s different though. Certain producers that send stuff through email could’ve been sending stuff since 2011. Me & Boi-1da, for example, have been working since 2011, but nothing ever sticked. [With “Yay Yay”], something finally sticked. We always worked through email though.

Describe your musically growth between Habits & Contradictions and Oxymoron?
I’m more polished. I just fully know what I want to do and what needs to be done. Without a question, I know exactly what needs to be done.

You mentioned recently that “Druggys Wit Hoes” was going to be a series of songs—similar to Kendrick Lamar’s “The Heart” series. Was there a thought process behind breaking that particular song into parts?
I mean, that’s like one the easiest songs to do though. You just turn up. it’s one of those records for my niggas that get faded—and strictly for my niggas that get faded. If you don’t get faded, I ain’t mad if you tell me that shit is wack [Laughs]. I’ll understand, but that’s strictly for the faded homies. I go to the studio, get faded, said, “Cuh Soul [Ab-Soul], I got ‘Druggy Wit Hoes Part 3,” and he said, “I’m on my way.” I think he was off acid that night too. Yeah, I think he did his verse off acid [Laughs].

Speaking of Soul, there’s these rumors about the supergroup with you, him, Danny Brown, and A$AP Rocky. Is there a percentage value for the possibility of that actually happening?
I just said that it would be tight if were a group. If you look at the interview, I never said that we’re forming a group. It would be tight if we did. All the homies would be with it if I told them— they would definitely be with it. The chance of it actually coming out though is a whole different thing. The group could be formed, but [the project] coming out is pretty slim. Ab-Soul has to drop his album, Danny Brown has to drop his album, and I’m still trying to drop my album. By the time we all finish dropping albums, it’ll probably be time for Rocky to release his second. We’ll probably have to wait some time for that. That was just some shit I was saying. I think it would be tight.

If it did happen, would it conflict with the TDE material?
Nah, all them niggas is TDE—without a contract.

Coming from a style point of view, I definitely want to know where this inspiration behind your bucket hat steez comes from.
That muthafucka just…it fit perfect. I went up in the mall, bought one, threw it on, walked out the store, and been buying them ever since. Matter of fact, Kango just sent me a gang of them today (March 28). They said I can get whichever ones I want. People just give me bucket hats now.

When you go looking for a bucket hat, are you looking for a specific style?
Nah, I got so many now that [it totals to about] 300 bucket hats. I’m not really looking for a certain type of bucket hat. I got that type of bucket hat. I just buy them when I see them—it’s like a collectors thing. If someone were to like G.I. Joes, they collect G.I. Joes. It’s like somebody that collects Jordans. Plus they’re cheap; $20, $10, or $30 [per hat].

Do you see any other throwback fashion statements making a return this year?

Like a throwback jersey?
Nah, not throwback jerseys. You can swag out a jersey though—the right jersey. Shit, the bucket hat is back!

That’s real shit though. I have a Lacoste one myself.
Would you say I’m the reason niggas are wearing bucket hats? Would you say that?

I think you could definitely be the reason it comes back, because now it’s kind of like your staple.
I just wanted to make sure everybody know [Laughs].

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