Seth Rogen To Direct And Star In ‘The Interview’

Seth Rogen is a pretty big deal. While his directorial debut “This Is the End (which he also stars in) isn’t set to hit theaters until June, the star has already been signed on by Columbia Pictures to direct and produce yet another film. The forthcoming project, “The Interview,” will be another collaboration between Rogen and screenwriter Evan Goldberg. Rogen will also star in the film, while Goldberg has signed on to co-direct and co-produce.

The Interview will reportedly be the story of a television host and his producer who get in too deep with a plot to assassinate the prime minister of North Korea. Actor James Franco — who starred alongside Rogen in “Pineapple Express” — is being considered for the role of the host, while Rogen is set to play the producer. The script’s plot is an adaptation of a story originally written by Rogen, Goldberg, and television producer Dan Sterling.

The movie hits theaters June 14.