Shop Now: Stussy 2013 Spring/Summer Collection (Delivery 1)

Stussy comes ready for war with their 2013 Spring/Summer collection. With Delivery 1, Stussy offers a wildlife/camo breed of attire, ranging from jerseys and hoodies to mesh snapbacks and the currently trendy floral print short sleeve button-up.

As fas as colors are concerned, there isn’t a direct focus on one particular hue—which is a really good look. Right when you think olive is the primary color of the collection, an equally dope Cheetah golden shirt is thrown in the mix or a Dolphin gray button-up paired with sailor blue trunks adds some variety. Overall, this is a broad range of looks, and a thoroughly impressive turnout.

Shop all the new looks now over at Hypebeast by clicking [HERE].

Scan through the gallery to see our top picks from the Delivery 1 pack—with purchase links for each, in case your tastes match up with ours


Black Run Sport Tank – $44 USD